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“6S” Field-management and Lean Production Management
In order to meet the high demand of product performance and individuation, the company imported first-class production and processing equipments from Europe, America, Japan and so on. Practicing “6S” field-management and lean production management make sure producing high-grade, precision and advanced elevators for users. Import first-class production and processing equipment including NIGHT-TRAIN sheet metal fabrication pipeline, Finland SGE6 NC punching and shearing machine, coating pipeline, laser cutting machine, bending machine, punching machine.
New Test Tower View
The new test tower of Hosting Elevator is prepared to be set up in the new industrial park. The tower is high 165.2m. The ground height of land is 156m and extends three storeys underground about 9.2m. There are 9 test shaft ways which can operate 11 elevators at the same time and realize the function test for 8 elevator group control. The maximum of speed detection is up to 10m/s which can be used to the design and detect to high-end elevator and technology. 


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