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Large Span of Door Opening Sturdy and Durable Machine Roomless Cargo Elevator
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Machine roomless freight elevator is designed by use of advanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction technology, so the layout inside elevator hoistway is improved with no further deceleration device; the gearless traction machine has light weight, small size and other characteristics, and the building space is also saved, thus greatly improving the performance and quality of the machine roomless freight elevator and reducing the failure rate.
Large Span of Door Opening Sturdy and Durable Machine Roomless Cargo Elevator, Machine roomless elevator with a rigorous structure is durable, and has a large span of door opening, smooth and safe operation and other excellent qualities.

It is a kind of motor-powered vertical lift with a box- shaped pod.


Passengers can appreciate all scenery inside with at least a transparent cabin. So it is popular in occasions for architectural displays.


v Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving & Noiseless

v Stability & Safety

v Perfect Technology

v Large Loading Capacity

v Mezzanines & Balconies & Basements.





Hotels, Shopping Malls & Commercial Buildings


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A large span of door opening
With multi-folding door structure, the maximum width of door opening is achieved to facilitate free access to a large volume of cargo.

Sturdy and durable
The lift car is made of high-intensity profiles, and can carry various type of cargo.

Light curtain protection
Layers of light curtain protective barriers are arranged at the elevator entrance, and any object into the detection range can be sensitively reacted, thus effectively protecting the safety of people and cargo.

Accurate leveling
The degree of leveling accuracy can be controlled within the millimeter range.

According to the different characteristics of buildings and the requirements, various machine models are available for selection. It has been the best choice for transporting cargo in factories, warehouses, department store buildings, logistics centers, libraries and other units.

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