Geared Traction Passenger Elevator
Geared Machine PLC Control Steady Brake Force Passenger Lifts
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Geared Machine PLC Control Steady Brake Force Passenger Lifts, The geared traction passenger elevator—PLC type, armed with PLC control system and geared traction machine. There are two most important parts of this kind of elevator: Geared main machine and PLC control board. Certainly, brake & speed control system and safety spare parts are also necessary.



It is a kind of motor-powered vertical lift with a box- shaped pod.


Passengers can appreciate all scenery inside with at least a transparent cabin. So it is popular in occasions for architectural displays.


v Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving & Noiseless

v High Transmission Efficiency

v Stability & Safety & Comfortable in Elevators

v Humane & Ergonomic Designs

v Various Styles and Appearances

v Rigorous Internal Structure & Distinct External Structure





Hotels, Shopping Malls & Commercial Buildings


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Users still choose the traditional machine room elevator if they have enough building space. In the course of development over the last 20 years the HOSTING elevator series became more mature and its function highly efficient.
Geared Machine PLC Control Steady Brake Force Passenger Lifts can afford running frequency more than 100times per minute. As it support VVVF function, it can save 15% to 20% electricity during its life time compared with other passenger lift manufacturers’ products. High grade level processed warm gearbox can working for more than 10years. Geared machine can afford 10% overload. Sensitive safety system provide safety guarantee for multi-emergency condition and reduce passenger lift risk assessment effectively.

The geared traction passenger lift specification:













According to the different characteristics of buildings and the requirements, various machine models are available for selection. HD1000 series: they are applicable to all kinds of building projects with relatively low requirements for Machine room size.

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