Passenger Elevator
Passenger Elevator

Classification of passenger lifts

Passenger Elevator
According to the drive classification
AC induction motor as the driving force of the elevator. According to drag the way can be divided into single-speed AC, AC double-speed, AC voltage regulator, AC variable frequency drive and so on.
DC elevator: a DC motor as the driving force of the elevator. The rated speed of such elevators is generally above 2.00m / s. Hydraulic elevator: the general use of electric pumps to drive the liquid flow, the lift lift by the plunger elevator.
Rack and pinion elevator: the rack processed into racks, the car fitted with gear meshing gear, the motor driven gear rotation to lift the elevator car.
Screw elevator: the straight-top elevator plunger processed into a rectangular thread, and then with a large thrust bearing bearings installed in the cylinder head, and then by the motor through the reducer (or belt) drive nut rotation, so that screw up A car that ascends or descends an elevator.
Linear motor driven elevator, the power source is a linear motor. The early advent of the elevator, used the steam engine, internal combustion engine as a direct drive power elevator, is now basically extinct. Motor by the reducer
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