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We are a residential elevator supplier from China. We provide residential elevator solutions to users around the world under any environment. Our solutions are chosen to meet any of your needs. The one-stop service from installation to maintenance can meet the mobility needs of various applications from residential to commercial and shopping malls to airports. Our solutions for your building range from highly standardized functions to fully customized elevators

 Core configuration

Toothless traction machine

  • VLA series elevator adopts DianaIV series rare-earth permanent magnet toothless traction machine and adopts low-speed, high-torque three-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor direct drive method, which has the advantages of low energy consumption, low noise, no pollution and less maintenance.
  • DianaIV series rare earth permanent magnet toothless traction machine adopts single winding structure, small size and compact structure, which fully meets the needs of other wall elevator design.
  • The working voltage is 220V, so there is no need to match the sound and power without matching problems. The household electricity consumption is small, energy saving and low consumption.

VLA elevator door machine

  • The special three-phase asynchronous motor system is adopted to greatly improve the sensitivity of the ladder door switch.
  • The control system uses an all-in-one machine for more reliable operation.
  • The special interface is used to connect with the elevator system, and the wiring is more convenient; at the same time, the asynchronous door knife is used for safety and convenience.


 Our advantage

  • 8 categories of full series elevator manufacturing capabilities
  • China's top 10 elevator manufacturing companies
  • 24-hour global after-sales service
  • Core components self-development
  • Industry-leading automatic elevator production line

 Who we serve

  • Elevator company
  • Elevator distributor
  • Elevator trading company
  • Elevator Sales Representative
  • Elevator Agent
  • Construction unit

Elevators provide easy access to all floors of the house. This feature can make people's lives easier every day or even years to come. An elevator is an investment that can increase the value of a property by 10%, and its uniqueness will make the house stand out from the others.

Reminder: Please inform the parameters and purpose of the elevator you need. We can provide you with a detailed quote


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