The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing A Panoramic Elevator: Everything You Need to Know


Due to the rapid increase in the number of commercial centers, panoramic elevators have become more and more popular in various shopping malls and attractions. However, many people don't know their choices in elevators, so when they need to buy, they become a little overwhelmed. It is very important to choose an elevator that combines good design with standard technical specifications.

We are happy to say that we can help you choose the right sightseeing elevator for your building. We have many years of experience in manufacturing panoramic elevators, and we are very familiar with the products of ourselves and our friends.

For anyone who wants to buy a sightseeing elevator, it is very important to collect as much information about the various models as possible. This article will take you to understand how to buy a panoramic elevator.

If you want to deepen your understanding of panoramic elevators, read this article: What is a panoramic elevator.

Why choose an elevator?

Panoramic elevator is also called sightseeing elevator (or sightseeing elevator). Panoramic elevator is the basic element of architectural design. The panoramic elevator is a moving artwork in the building. The internal structure is rigorous and decent, and the appearance is full of passion. It not only allows passengers to enjoy the scenery during the operation of the elevator, but also combines the decoration style with the architectural style to give the building personality and vitality. They can be located in shopping malls and commercial centers, hotels, restaurants, and homes. There are variants of external and internal performance. It is suitable for various occasions showing architectural style and scenery.

In order to achieve maximum visibility of the panoramic elevator glass panels from floor to ceiling. The transparent car is placed in a special metal frame, and all the mechanical equipment is fixed on this frame. The open design allows passengers to enjoy the surrounding scenery and makes the elevator more enjoyable. A good ride experience can allow passengers to get an excellent ride experience and assist the building to improve performance.

How to choose a panoramic elevator?

The following are 8 key points you need to consider when buying a sightseeing elevator:

  1. Elevator size and carrying capacity

    Many elevators have standard sizes of three feet and four feet, but larger sizes can also be used. It is important to consider the possibility of elevators carrying special equipment (such as wheelchairs), although this will require more load-bearing capacity. Due to the attributes of the sightseeing elevator, different sizes should be selected according to the attributes of the scene. For example, in scenic spots, the longer the single transportation time, the more space for sightseeing elevators is needed.

  2. Elevator price

    It is very important to consider the price, which in many cases will greatly affect the choice. The price of elevators ranges from luxurious to more economical. It is important to analyze the overall cost of sightseeing elevators from purchase to installation and maintenance. Because this part has to be calculated into your operating costs, choosing a cost-effective sightseeing elevator can bring you greater cost benefits.

  3. Installation scene (architectural style)

    The sightseeing elevator is more like a piece of art in a building, allowing passengers to better appreciate the building or scenery, bringing a completely different ride experience. Therefore, a suitable sightseeing elevator can add a lot to the building. Choosing a sightseeing elevator suitable for architectural style and decoration style will bring you greater passenger flow and economic benefits.

  4. Security Question

    Adequate safety measures need to be taken to reduce the possibility of accidents. The elevator should always be in operation when facing customers. Important safety options that cannot be ignored include the installation of an alarm system, driving the indoor phone, power failure backup, and a slack chain braking system. You can consult the detailed information of this elevator before buying, or check relevant reviews.

  5. Elevator drive system

    List of drive system hydraulics and gears for sightseeing elevators. Modern winding roller elevators require a very small machine room. If there is any balance chain drive, the elevator may not need a room.

  6. Warranty options

    It is important to buy an elevator from a manufacturer that provides a good warranty. Excellent elevator manufacturers not only sell high-quality elevators, but also provide customers with strong after-sales support and maintenance services. And Hosting-Elevator is such a company.

  7. Elevator model

    There are many different models produced by different manufacturers in the sightseeing elevator market. Consider the model that best suits your architectural design.

  8. Elevator manufacturer

    Choose the right elevator manufacturer. It is recommended to select several manufacturers for horizontal comparison to obtain more considerable choices. We recommend choosing a Chinese elevator manufacturer, because under the same specifications, Chinese elevator manufacturers have lower prices and are very competitive. After years of development, the quality and level of elevators produced in my country have reached the international advanced level. Level is an excellent choice worth considering.

Write at the end

Regarding how to choose a panoramic elevator, you may already have a general understanding, but there must be more information to understand. At Hosting-elevator, we can happily discuss these options with you. We hope you can fully understand your choice and help you make the right choice. Hosting-Elevator is China's top elevator manufacturer with decades of R&D and manufacturing experience. It is a professional manufacturer integrating development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. We provide high-quality and cost-effective products, and we can be your trusted partner.

Contact us to start your sightseeing elevator journey.

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