Top 10 Elevator Companies in the World 2021

The elevator plays an important role. People can also install elevators in their residential areas and commercial buildings. There are some popular elevator companies in the world that provide customers all over the world with the best and most advanced technology. You must check and choose the best elevator company according to your needs and requirements. In this article, check out our top 10 elevator companies that provide the highest quality elevators to customers around the world. It can help you understand which company is suitable for your residential or commercial building. The main purpose is to provide the best quality long-term service. Currently, the demand for elevators is growing rapidly and provides several benefits. You now have to analyze which elevator company is better, and then you need to choose for your project. Choose the top elevator company for your business.


Otis Elevator Company is a leading manufacturer of elevator and escalator systems. The company was founded in 1853 in Yonkers, New York, USA. The company was the first company to develop an elevator safety system invented by Otis, which uses a mechanism to stop the elevator car in place if the cable or pulley (or elevator) fails. The development of Otis allowed the construction of skyscrapers equipped with a safe elevator system.

Otis has installed elevators in some of the most famous buildings in the world, including the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, former World Trade Center, Petronas Twin Towers, Burj Khalifa, CN Tower, Coronado Hotel and Damon Leicester Building (the first electric elevator).

As a world-renowned elevator company, they will help transport 2 billion people every day, and they have been maintaining their 2 million customers. They have the largest product portfolio, and you will find many popular buildings and the busiest transportation hubs and retail sectors, where you will find Otis elevators. Otis has the largest staff strength in the world. There are about 40,000 of them. On-site professionals and 69,000 people who manage the industry.


KONE was founded in 1910 and is headquartered in Espoo near Helsinki, Finland. It is an international engineering and service company with 33,800 employees and 800 subsidiaries in 60 countries. In Finnish, Kone means "machine" or "equipment". In addition to the escalator and elevator departments, the company also builds and services moving walks, automatic doors and gates. The company provides local services to builders, developers, owners, designers and architects in 1,000 offices in more than 50 countries.

They will provide installation services, manufacturing and maintenance to increase the value of the building and provide a good life cycle. They provide smart solutions for high-rise buildings. As of the end of 2020, their escalator and elevator maintenance base has exceeded 1.4 million units.

The demand for elevators is increasing day by day. KONE has a special mission. They want to improve the flow of urban life. They also understand urbanization and help clients make the most of cities, public spaces and buildings in the world. They have more sustainable places to live. Their main task is to provide the latest technology and urbanization.


ThyssenKrupp AG is the German steel industry and the country's largest steel smelting and forging company. ThyssenKrupp is headquartered in Essen and Duisburg. It was formed in 1999 by the merger of two German metal companies Thyssen AG and Krupp. Today, ThyssenKrupp is the world's top steel supplier. The elevator department is quite high in the company's queue and leads Canada and the United States as one of the five giants. TK is engaged in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of escalators, elevators and moving walks. The company has nearly 1, 00,000 employees worldwide. They have a home market, a real estate market, and many other markets. They have different types of business areas, such as component technology, elevator technology, industrial solutions and material services, and the steel industry.

They are one of the best companies that provide multiple benefits. Choose the best elevator solution online now! They provide customers with strong customer care services. Choose the best price online now! They provide services for different categories. Elevators are one of the best categories. They mainly provide services in 60 countries/regions around the world. They also provide strong customer service.


The Schindler Group is a global leader in the manufacturing of escalators, moving walks and elevators worldwide. The company was founded in Switzerland in 1874, has operations in more than 140 countries, and has more than 58,000 employees worldwide. The company has production facilities in the United States and Switzerland, as well as Spain, Slovakia and China. Schindler is one of the well-known companies and one of the first companies to develop solutions to help maintain the hygiene and safety of elevators and escalators. It has been trying to introduce modular elevators that always provide smart solutions in the market. They provide solutions for your building. They provide their solutions for residences, offices, hotels, healthcare, shopping malls and retail, transportation, institutions and sports and expositions. They also provide escalators and elevators, and provide different solutions. Choose any type of elevator solution, and they will also provide elevators of different types of shapes and sizes.


Fujitec was founded in February 1948 to develop, manufacture, install, and maintain elevators, escalators, and moving walks for Japan's rapidly industrializing economy. Fujitec has 11 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and multiple sales and service offices, industry-leading test towers and a global network of engineers. There are two factories in Japan, and factories in Incheon (South Korea), Chennai (India), Mason City (Ohio), Taiwan and China.

The increasing demand for Fujitec's products is directly related to their history as a "professional manufacturer". This unique niche allows them to produce elevators, escalators and moving walks with the most advanced technology, quality and reliability. From project planning to installation, maintenance and modernization, Fujitec Global Products is committed to making customers completely satisfied with flexible solutions. They also ensure that products and designs are completely reliable and trustworthy. They have an experienced team and will always provide the best support. Fuji has always provided unique designs and proven products, and their products are accepted by international standards.

They can also build customized elevators based on your needs and needs. They have an experienced technical team, ready to provide the best service at any time.


Hitachi Ltd. is an elevator company headquartered in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Hitachi provides customers with different types of services, produces a wide range of consumer electronic products, and provides products for other factories, such as integrated circuits and other semiconductors. Among these services, the elevator is one of the best. They also provide escalators and moving sidewalks for customers worldwide. They are also ready to provide vertical transportation support and provide services for most high-rise buildings. Hitachi provides services to many countries, such as India, the Middle East and Asian countries. This company also provides the best security services and security services. They have different types of elevator technology and also provide a wide range of performance levels.

With all specifications, they can install any type of elevator according to your needs. They can install large-capacity elevators and high-speed elevators for high-rise buildings. They also provide good customer service. Their main purpose is to install advanced technology and the best elevator solutions. This is an elevator brand that provides a variety of services.



Kleemann is a global construction industry that provides elevator services and moving walk services. Their headquarters is in Lilkis, Greece. And their main function is to enhance the system. They can provide different types of passenger elevators and freight elevators. Their lifts can load up to 30 tons or more. Their elevator solutions are cost-effective solutions, and they are also ready to develop ideal products. The ideal solution to the problem of using parking systems and car lifts to create new parking spaces. High-tech lifting system with flexible staircase design (ladder lift for wheelchair and seat lifting system). KLEEMANN is one of the few companies in Europe that provides a complete elevator system, providing a complete set of hydraulic elevator or mechanical elevator solutions, with or without cabin. In addition to a complete solution, it also provides the possibility to select individual subsystems (elevator doors, passenger cabins, electronic systems, etc.) according to the needs of each project. In addition, the Kleiman elevator refurbishment solution can easily and flexibly meet the new safety requirements of any old elevator. They will handle each project efficiently and complete the project within the specified time. They provide fast delivery times and also provide flexible services. They provide strategic locations around the world and reduce costs and other flips. They provide services to many countries including Serbia, Greece and China. They also have two assembly lines in Russia and Turkey.


Mitsubishi Electric was established on January 15, 1921 to develop and manufacture electronic products and construction equipment, including elevators, escalators, and moving walks. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, it is one of the core companies of Mitsubishi Group, which is a Japanese multinational company with autonomy in multiple industries. The company has representative offices around the world through a developed network of regional offices, branches and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Central and South Africa, and the Middle East.

The elevator business share is the 4th in the world, and Japan is the 1st. As of 2019, it has maintained the world's fastest record of only downhill elevators. The uphill speed in downtown Shanghai is 1,230 m/min (73.8 km/h), while the downhill speed of the Yokohama Landmark Tower is 750 m/min (45 km/h).


Hyundai Group is a Korean conglomerate founded in 1947 as a construction company. With the help of the government, founder Zheng Zhouyong and his family quickly expanded to various industries and eventually became South Korea's second largest conglomerate. Hyundai Elevator develops products suitable for architectural design and elevator use, and provides customized solutions. Not only consider safety and ride quality, but also consider space efficiency, to provide you with the best products, and enhance the value of buildings with exquisite designs and convenient functions. It is always better to hire a company with a good market reputation and many years of experience in the field. Well-known companies also provide strong customer service and unique designs, and they will also provide cost-effective and advanced technology products.


Headquartered in Andover, England, Stannah is a stairlift manufacturer in 60 countries. They have been engaged in this industry for more than 150 years and are well-known in the world. They have elaborate craftsmanship to develop their products, which also increases reputation. Stannah Lifts has produced more than 750,000 stair lifts and is the largest manufacturer in the world. The company is also a major player in the vertical lifting field, providing lifting platforms, private elevators and indoor elevators. It helps to make life easier. Whether you need a lift or a lift at the station, they are ready to provide you with the best service. They can provide services for different types of platforms, such as escalators in shopping websites, moving walks, and cargo elevators in bars or hotels. They always provide lasting quality service.

Choose the best price online and continue. The company also provides strong customer service. Choose their service to get the best quality elevator. Install any type of elevator according to your needs and requirements.


Hosting Elevator is the first echelon elevator brand in China. Hosting Elevator is the first echelon elevator brand in China. Founded in 1993, it is one of the top ten elevator brands in China. With a huge production base, it can accept customized production and provide modern elevator services. Hosting Elevator's products cover a wide range, comprehensiveness, and excellent technology. The quality of various elevator products meets the strict standards of many countries in the world. Hosting Elevator always follows the market demand and wins the trust of global users with high-quality products and satisfactory services. They always want to make customers happy. Their main goal is to provide lasting high-quality work. They also provide strong customer care services. As long as you need, they will provide you with feedback, replay or answer your query within a few minutes. They always tend to provide you with the best service. They also provide our services on a global scale. You can ask for a quotation and they will always be ready to provide the best service. They will reply to our customers within 24 hours. They have licensed engineers with many years of experience in the field.

If you choose Hosting Elevator, then you will get a lot of benefits. Contact us now to get the latest quotation and consultation!

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