Classification of elevators


Before choosing to install and buy an elevator, we need to carefully consider what type of elevator we need and whether this elevator can meet my needs. So it is very important to know the type of elevator.

According to the purpose of classification

Passenger elevators, designed for the delivery of passengers to the elevator, requires a sound safety facilities and a certain car decoration. A cargo elevator, designed primarily for the transport of goods, usually accompanied by an elevator.

Medical elevator, for the delivery of beds, stretchers, medical vehicles and the design of the elevator, the car has a long and narrow features.

Debris lift, for the library, office buildings, hotels, transport books, documents, food and other design of the elevator.

Sightseeing elevator, car wall transparent, for passengers to use the elevator.

A vehicle elevator used as an elevator to transport vehicles

Ship lifts, elevators used on ships.

Construction of elevators, construction and maintenance of the elevator.

Other types of elevators, in addition to the above commonly used elevators, there are some special-purpose elevators, such as cold storage elevators, explosion-proof elevators, mine elevators, power station elevators, firefighters and elevators.


According to the drive way classification

  • AC Elevator

    AC elevator, with AC induction motor as the driving force of the elevator. According to the way drag can be divided into single-speed AC, AC double-speed, AC voltage regulator, AC variable frequency drive and so on.

  • DC Elevator

    DC elevator, with a DC motor as the driving force of the elevator. The rated speed of such elevators is generally above 2.00m / s.

  • Hydraulic Lift

    Hydraulic lift, the general use of electric pumps to drive the liquid flow, the elevator lift by the plunger.

  • Gear Elevator

    Rack and pinion elevator, the rack processed into racks, the car fitted with gear rack meshing, the motor driven gear rotation to lift the elevator car

  • Screw Elevator

    Screw elevator, the straight-top elevator plunger processed into a rectangular thread, and then with a large thrust bearing bearings installed in the cylinder head, and then by the motor through the reducer (or belt) driven nut rotation, so that screw up A car that ascends or descends an elevator. Linear motor driven elevator, the power source is a linear motor. The early advent of the elevator, used the steam engine, internal combustion engine as a direct drive power elevator, is now basically extinct.

  • Vacuum Elevator

    Introduced to the elevator community in 2005, vacuum elevators do not use any cables or pulley system to operate. These Air-Driven elevators operate based on the natural laws of physics. Constructed with polycarbonate and aluminum materials, this lift system is basically a tube in a sealed vacuum. The air beneath and above the elevator car is what facilitates movement. 

    When you push the up button, the system lowers pressure above the tube, forcing the air pressure below to push the tube upwards. The opposite happens as you go down – pressure below is minimized, forcing the elevator to go down.

Choose the most suitable elevator

There is no doubt that choosing the right elevator can make a big difference to your property. Whether you are an owner or a developer, carefully considering the type of elevator has a very big difference of interest. So we hope you can think carefully and choose the most suitable elevator for you. If you need help choosing an elevator, you can contact us. We are the leading elevator manufacturer in China and can provide you with all the help you need in elevators!

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