Elevator Modernization: Everything You Need to Know


The life cycle of elevators and escalators may vary greatly, depending on the intensity of use, the quality of the initial elevator design, and the quality of maintenance. External factors, such as environmental conditions, outdated spare parts, fire and floods, vandalism, end-user behavior or changes in building use, can also affect the life of the equipment. Service calls became expensive, replacement parts became more difficult to find, and the running time eventually exceeded the time the elevator was out of service.

In most cases, the best solution is elevator modernization. Elevator modernization is the process of upgrading the key components of the elevator so that it can handle new technologies, have better performance, improve safety, and even bring aesthetics to the highest level. But is this the right move for your elevator? This is everything you need to know.

Why the elevator needs modernization

How long has your elevator been used? The service life of hydraulic elevators is usually 20 to 25 years, while the service life of overhead traction elevators is about 30 years. Machine room-less (MRL) traction elevators have the shortest service life (10 to 15 years) because they rely on computer controllers and lightweight materials.

The decision whether to modernize the elevator depends to a large extent on the satisfaction of the owner. Managers should also look at the number of service calls made during the 12-month period of movement to see if they are increasing or decreasing.

Once the elevator approaches or exceeds its service life, the components will begin to wear and repair costs will become higher. Replacement parts become obsolete, expensive or difficult to find, and the harder the parts are to find, the longer the elevator will take to be out of service. For building owners and elevator passengers, the unavailability of elevators will be a very bad experience, especially in buildings with heavy traffic such as hospitals, hotels, and commercial centers.

Another consideration for elevator modernization is appearance. Certain customers and tenants have standards and expectations for the interior and exterior appearance of elevators. Can your elevator meet their needs? Does the cab or outside need plastic surgery? Have you lost your tenant contract or occupancy rate due to the appearance and condition of the elevator?

A qualified elevator contractor will be able to determine when the system is approaching the end of its usable life cycle in order to develop a modernization strategy. Modernization is not an overnight process; it involves a lot of planning. The sooner the owner prepares for modernization, the easier the process will be.

The benefits of elevator modernization

First of all, the safety of the elevator is the main advantage of modernization. Compliance with regional fire codes and elevator safety regulations is essential to the operation of your elevators. Outdated systems usually lack upgraded safety features and are less reliable and prone to failure or malfunction.

Save a lot of maintenance costs. Frequent failures can lead to expensive service, parts, and repair costs, and as technicians continue to upgrade new systems, it can be troublesome to find technicians who can repair old equipment. Although fully functional, outdated elevators cannot provide you or your passengers with the best service.

The modernization of elevator mechanical components can improve safety, functionality and efficiency. Elevator modernization can generally reduce passenger waiting time and energy-saving buildings; modern elevators can feed energy back to the building when they descend. Therefore, although modernization is an upfront investment, upgrading your elevator can bring greater savings in the long run.

Elevator modernization process

The modernization of elevators is a major capital investment in the building, requiring months of planning and preparation. The preliminary preparation process includes:

  • Site investigation
  • License
  • Testing
  • Final inspection

Compared with the old equipment, the new elevator contains more problem-solving software and advanced diagnostic tools. The updated equipment also has a more efficient footprint design, higher energy efficiency and better engineering design to improve reliability and passenger experience.

Related modern solutions include:

  • Life cycle analysis and replacement plan
  • Targeted component upgrades
  • Complete replacement of existing equipment

All processes are to ensure the safe and smooth operation of people and equipment in the building.

For more detailed information, please contact us for more help.

How to start elevator modernization

You can find many elevator manufacturers and service providers on various b2b platforms. Well-known b2b platforms include Alibaba, Made in China, etc. You can also search for the above keywords on the Google search engine to find the official website of China Elevator Company. From the website, you can find and contact the manufacturer.

Here, I recommend to you Hosting Elevator, a top elevator manufacturer in China. Hosting Elevator is China's top elevator brand. Founded in 1993, it is one of the top ten famous elevator brands in China. It is a professional elevator and escalator manufacturer integrating development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. The elevator modernization service provided by Hosting Elevator improves the safety, comfort and work efficiency of the elevator, and can fully meet the requirements of customers.


For key components of buildings that are constantly in use, 20 years is a long time. Elevator technology is constantly evolving, and new components can improve the safety, ride quality and appearance of elevators. It is also important to consider that, as with most machines, parts may be outdated and difficult to find. Regular service and maintenance ensure that you meet any potential modernization requirements, allowing you to plan for new components or upgrades.

Every owner, every building and every elevator has unique requirements. There are no fixed standards for modernization. It is important to consider all aspects of the elevator and its passengers. Hosting Elevator will help you make a decision based on the information you collect and the evaluations they complete. Working together, you can complete the modernization of the elevator, which will give you full confidence in the safety, function, appearance and overall performance of the elevator.

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