MRL Elevator: Guide to FAQ


Are you looking for the right MRL elevator manufacturer to order an MRL elevator, a relatively new type of elevator that is an alternative to traditional hydraulic or traction elevators? So are they safe? How much do they cost? How do you find a MRL elevator manufacturer? Let's discuss this today.



1.What is a machine-room-less elevator or MRL Elevator?

A machine-room-less (MRL) elevator is a type of elevator that does not require an enclosed dedicated machine room to install the main drive, control cabinet, speed limiter, and other equipment.

In order to save space, the control cabinet, main drive, speed limiter, etc., which were originally installed in the machine room above the shaft, are installed in the shaft instead, eliminating the need for a dedicated machine room and effectively saving space. This effectively saves space and increases the utilization of floor space while reducing construction costs. Since MRL elevator has no machine room, its control system has higher flexibility, convenience and reliability compared with ordinary elevators.


2.Types of machine-roomless elevator installations

MRL elevators can be traction elevators or hydraulic elevators

  • Traction MRL Elevator

    Instead of having a fixed machine room at the top of the shaft, the traction machine is installed on the top sidewall of the shaft or at the bottom of the shaft. This design eliminates the need for a fixed machine room, thus saving a significant amount of building space. Almost all traction MRL elevators are gearless traction.

  • Hydraulic MRL Elevators

    Machine room-less hydraulic elevators do not have a fixed room to house the hydraulic machinery. The machinery, including the pump, is mounted on the elevator pit. The controller is located on a wall near the elevator, usually on the ground floor. The benefits of a machine-room-less hydraulic elevator are construction time, space and cost savings.


3.History of the MRL Elevator

The first model of these elevators was designed by Tom Lee in 1996. To save space, the designers placed the elevator's motor directly in the shaft. Since then, this revolution has brought benefits to small and medium-sized buildings.

The early acceptance of the technology was hampered by a lack of manufacturing and installation codes and by the fact that there were few manufacturers producing the equipment.

However, the MRL elevator has come a long way in the last few years. Most manufacturers now offer these models. You can now find MRLs in most sizes and speeds required for modern construction.


4.What technology is used in the MRL Elevator?

Transportation with a small gearless mainframe and a 2:1 traction system that eliminates the machine room noise caused by traditional gear meshing. The thin control cabinet is installed in a shaft near the first floor for easy installation and commissioning, data reading and writing, and

In many ways, the MRL elevator looks like a "normal" elevator. The elevator can be a traction machine or a hydraulic machine. The elevator will move on a wire rope just like any other elevator.

However, the MRL elevator runs on a permanent magnet motor (PMM). This is a new type of motor that eliminates the need for a machine room. 


5.What are the benefits of the MRL Elevator?

  • Less space usage

    Because the MRL Elevator does not require a separate room to house its motor, it takes up much less space than a traditional elevator. This allows designers and architects to take advantage of the extra space, providing unparalleled design freedom. 

  • More Energy Efficient

    MRL elevators use 70 to 80 percent less energy than standard hydraulic elevators. This is a huge energy cost savings. In addition, traction MRLs do not use oil, reducing costs and fire hazards.

  • Designed for small and medium-sized buildings

    Space savings can be a huge benefit in small to medium-sized buildings, and MRL elevators are designed with the space constraints of smaller buildings in mind.

  • Lower Installation Costs

    Many MRL elevators do not require the additional cost of a separate room or buried hydraulic cylinder, and can also save on installation costs.MRL elevators can help keep new projects on budget.

  • No Fires

    There is no risk of fire because no hydraulic fluid is used.


6.What's the downside of the MRL Elevator?

  • Noise

    Loud, high frequency sound due to variable frequency drive elevator operation.

  • Shorter life span

    MRL Elevator has a lower life expectancy compared to other types of elevators.

  • Difficult to maintain

    Because the control box is located in the shaft, the equipment may be difficult to maintain.

  • Risk of Flooding

    In the event of pit flooding, the motor in the bottom drive MRL may be damaged



7.What is the difference between machine-room-less and machine-room elevators?

  • Advantages of MRL elevators compared to machine room elevators

  1. The advantage of machine-room-less is space saving.

  2. Since a machine room is not required, there are greater benefits to the building structure and cost, making the building design more flexible and convenient. Also, since the machine room is eliminated, the construction cost of MRL elevators is lower than machine room elevators for the owner.

  3. The machine-room-less elevator can solve the problem of elevator installation within the effective height, because there is no need to set up a separate elevator machine room, which can effectively reduce the height of the building. At the same time, for places where it is not convenient to set up elevator machine rooms, it can well alleviate the space problem of installing elevators in the building itself, such as the renovation of old buildings.


  • Disadvantages of machine-room-less elevators compared with machine-room elevators

  1. The silent room is obviously larger than the elevator room.

  2. The comfort of machine-room-less elevators is significantly weaker than that of machine-room-less elevators.

  3. The elevator speed limitation in mrl elevators. mrl elevators are not applicable to high-speed elevator types above 1.75m/s.

  4. The load capacity of machine-room elevators is also significantly better than machine-room-less elevators.

  5. The heat dissipation function of mrl elevators is worse than that of machine room elevators. Especially, the fully transparent sightseeing elevator is not suitable for the installation of MRL elevator. The heat gathered in the elevator in summer cannot be discharged, and the elevator failure increases.

  6. The traction machine and control cabinet are set in the machine room for easy maintenance.


8.How to choose MRL Elevator?

  • MRL Elevator Size and Load Capacity

    Many elevators come in standard sizes of three feet by four feet, but larger sizes are available. It is important to consider the possibility of the elevator carrying special equipment, such as a wheelchair, although this will require more carrying capacity.

  • Consider potential safety risks

    Adequate safety measures need to be taken to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Important safety options that should not be overlooked include the installation of alarm systems, cab phones, power failure backup and slack chain braking systems.

  • MRL Elevator Drive Systems

    The most popular drive system for home elevators is the drum, breaking the list of hydraulics and gears. Modern winding drum elevators require a very small room, which may not be needed for an elevator if a balanced chain drive is available.

  • MRL Elevator Prices

    It is also important to consider price. Elevators range from luxury to more economical prices. It is important to analyze the overall cost of the elevator from purchase to installation and maintenance.

  • Warranty Options

    It is important to purchase an elevator from a manufacturer that offers a good warranty.


9.How can I maintain the quality of my MRL Elevator?

First, with any facility, you need to have a detailed daily inspection, monthly inspection, quarterly maintenance and annual overhaul schedule. There is no doubt that this is not only to protect the value of the property, but also to ensure the safety of the passengers.

It is very important that you seek after-sales service from the manufacturer of the machine-room-less elevator you purchase, and they will send professional technicians who can solve your problems. No one knows their product better than they do.


10.Are machine-room-less elevators safe?

Yes, machine-room-less elevators have been developed over two decades and many buildings have been fitted with machine-room-less elevators. However, as installation rates have risen and technology has improved, the accident rate has shown a decline in passing.

Better technology and today's strict regulations make machine-room-less elevators as safe as conventional elevators.


11.What is the cost of MRL Elevator?

Machine roomless elevators are typically machined for a minimum of $7,000-$15,000 and the price you pay for a machine roomless elevator is influenced by a number of factors.

  • Number of Floors

    The more floors you have, the higher the price, usually a fixed price for each additional floor.

  • Fittings

    The interior of the elevator can greatly affect the passenger experience, and a good interior can effectively increase the value of the property.

  • Brand

    It is a well-known fact that all well-known brands are more expensive than second-tier brands, so if you have limited budget, you can choose some good second-tier manufacturers.


12.Why import MRL Elevator from China Elevator manufacturer

With the continuous development of China, the industrial technology in China has improved a lot. There are many elevator brands in China that perform elevator installation, repair and renovation services worldwide. Many Chinese elevator brands can be found in the third world.

Compared with other brands of elevators, the advantages of choosing Chinese elevators are as follows.

  1. Low cost and big profit

    Chinese manufacturing industry has many advantages, one of which is low labor cost. So elevators made in China will be cheap. The advantage of choosing Chinese imports is that you get them at a very low price and then resell them at a high price. You can increase your profit by about 10% to 20% by choosing a Chinese manufacturer compared to choosing a manufacturer from another country.

  2. Reliable quality

    Many people think that the quality of Chinese products is bad, which is a serious mistake. Chinese export products are inspected by strict standards and meet international quality standards. For example, custodian elevator manufacturers specialize in supplying parts for world famous brands and elevators such as Hosting, Fujitsu, Hyundai and ThyssenKrupp. The quality of elevators can be completely trusted.

  3. Efficient work efficiency

    The "Chinese speed" is incredible. The efficiency of Chinese workers is the highest in the world. Another advantage of choosing a Chinese elevator manufacturer is the ability to get the product in the shortest possible time. It can guarantee sufficient supply and service.


13.Where can I find MRL Elevator manufacturer?

Ways to find MRL Elevator manufacturers in China include

  • Online Platforms

    Online platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China are ideal places for different MRL Elevator manufacturers to market to their customers.

    Manufacturers can often offer you different prices and after-sales services.

    When searching on these sites, you must make sure you are choosing a manufacturer and not a distributor or trader.

    Also, do not deal with a specific manufacturer until you have verified their credentials.

    The benefit of having a large number of manufacturers on these sites is that you can negotiate or select the right manufacturer for your automatic power press.

    You will also have the opportunity to negotiate the price of your product.

  • Google, Bing Search

    Most of the good MRL Elevator manufacturers have their own websites to advertise their products.

    However, many good Chinese manufacturers don't pay attention to this or start late, but that doesn't mean they can't offer great products.

    So it may be hard to find them in the first few pages, but you can check a few pages and there are many good MRL Elevator manufacturers to choose from.

    Or you can add "China" to the keywords to see more Chinese manufacturers.

  • Sourcing Agents

    Many sourcing agents in China are aware of the different MRL Elevator manufacturers in China.

    They know the production capabilities and pricing of these manufacturers.

    These are important specifications that your sourcing agent can help you with when searching for a manufacturer.

    Sourcing agents can also save you the hassle of finding a reliable manufacturer because they usually have a ready-made list for you to choose from.

    The main limitation of using a sourcing agent is the high cost of finding a manufacturer.

    If you place a bet on finding a manufacturer, there is no way to compare what you pay here with what you might lose.

  • Machinery shows, trade shows and fairs

    Whenever a China trade show is held in your country or in China, you should expect Chinese manufacturers to showcase their products.

    This allows you to interact with different manufacturers and ask them about different aspects of their manufacturing process.

    The advantage of this approach is that you can meet face-to-face with a specific manufacturer.

    This allows you to negotiate different specifications with the manufacturer.


14.How to choose the right machine room-less elevator manufacturer for you

  1. Look at the factory and see if there is factory information and video pictures on the website. If this company is a factory, there will definitely be factory pictures and videos on the website.

  2. Look at the factory and then look at the test tower, which is a sign of a good elevator factory ability. Now the Chinese elevator market is in the consolidation stage. Any factory without a test tower is not qualified to produce elevators. The minimum lifting height of the test tower is generally above 60M.

  3. See how many M/S speed elevators this company can build.

  4. Does the company have a laboratory to test the key components of the elevator, which also demonstrates the strength of the elevator company?

  5. Does the company have its own production of core products such as hosts and door systems? Elevator mastering the core technology to ensure the maintenance benefits of the agent.

  6. The number of Internet elevators, the Internet is now also the main test of a company's ability to test the standard. Small elevator companies generally do not have the Internet.

  7. Whether there is a professional technical team and maintenance team can support overseas sales

  8. Does the elevator and other safety components have CE certification?

  9. What are the annual sales and main customers of the elevator company

  10. The distribution range of overseas market, the larger the market distribution, the larger the capacity of this elevator manufacturer.



The machine-room-less elevator is constantly making up for the disadvantages in the continuous technical innovation, which makes the machine-room-less elevator more and more popular, and more and more elevator manufacturers are accelerating the development of more excellent machine-room-less elevators. If you have more questions or are looking for a machine-room-less elevator manufacturer, you can check out hosting's products or contact us to talk to our R&D team.

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