Passenger Elevator safety knowledge

Elevator is the people's daily vertical transport, if you live in the 10th floor, no elevator day is unimaginable. Modern elevators are designed to take maximum account of the safety of passengers, but this does not guarantee that the equipment will not be accidental under any circumstances. As a passenger, in the normal operation of the elevator to be safe and civilized use of elevators, elevators in the event of failure must improve self-protection awareness, to prevent the occurrence of danger. Safe operation of the elevator during normal operation:
Wait for the lift
◇ press the door up or down call button correctly, should not press the up / down two call buttons, this will make the elevator to do useful work, waste of time and energy of others and you. Waiting for the arrival of the elevator, if it is more than one parallel elevator group, may not be an elevator in front of you to pick you up, any one of the elevator lights and the arrival station lights to the station bell is to invite you to its entrance wait.
◇ After the elevator opens the door, the passengers will go up and down, and if there are passengers coming out of the car, you should go to one side to facilitate them to evacuate and then enter the car.
◇ If the car is full, wait for the next elevator.
elevator closed, do not handle or other objects into between the two doors.
◇ fire or other emergencies, evacuation through the staircase channel. Because in case the elevator power source is damaged, the passenger may be locked in the elevator car.
Access to the car
◇ Safe and fast access to the car, should not stay at the door. Passengers standing at the door should first leave the car.
◇ press the floor button to select the floor to ensure that you do not miss the floor.
◇ If the number of passengers within the car is moderate, you can move to the depths of the car to facilitate other passengers.
◇ Children with children take good care of children
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