Road to Today's Observation Elevator

Elevator has been come into our life over 150 years. History changed hugely during the half of the century. However, one thing that have never changed is the promise that elevator will improve human being's quality of life. It was the promise that has been made in 1854 when Elisha Graves Otis showed his invention to the world in the Universal Exposition held in the Crystal Palace in New York.
With the development of the technology, extremely high building has been built which requires the improvement of the observation lift. Besides, residents also desired to have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the high place. Thus, the kinds of lifts began to increase. In 1900, the Otis Corporate in America designed and built the first electronic elevator in the world. What's more, in 1950, they also designed the panoramic lift which can be put outside the high-rise buildings. The development provided people a chance to enjoy the view around when travelling by the elevator.
Life is still keep on going and the technology is also developing in its own steady pace. This finally led to the improvement of observation lift. In the past 150 years, the material has changed a lot from black to colorful one; even china elevators have been developed. The style of the elevator has also changed rapidly. At first, only straight elevator can be seen. However, now leap ones also came into our life.
Traditionally, when choosing the panoramic lift, we do not have too much choice. Only semi-circle style and the rhombus style dominated the world of observation elevator. However, if you take a look at the nowadays' elevators, you will find that the world has been changed totally. Now, observation lift includes single plane sightseeing, the Cartesian plane sightseeing, the three plane sightseeing, quad transparent sightseeing, fan sightseeing, semicircular sightseeing, 360 degree circular tour and so on. Moreover, you may also be able to choose ordinary home elevator or passenger elevator with single plane sightseeing or the Cartesian plane sightseeing.
Nowadays, all the famous elevator companies around the world which is leaded by the American Otis corporate is still keeping on invent new elevators and they also make the repairmen service and the maintain service more perfect. Different kinds of lifts which contains the latest develop and innovation in the electronic and machinery fields come into our life. They make the cold building warm and colorful. And people's life is also improved with the development.
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