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Are you looking for the right MRL elevator manufacturer to order an MRL elevator, a relatively new type of elevator that is an alternative to traditional hydraulic or traction elevators? So are they safe? How much do they cost? How do you find a MRL elevator manufacturer? Let's discuss this today.


What is an MRL Elevator

MRL elevators do not have a separate space to house the elevator motor. In many ways, an MRL elevator does not look much different from a "normal" elevator. However, the MRL elevator runs on a permanent magnet motor (PMM). The specially designed motor is installed directly in the shaft, at the top or bottom of the shaft. MRL elevators can be traction or hydraulic machines. The elevator will move on a wire rope just like any other elevator.

More MRL elevator history


Types of MRL elevator

MRL elevator can be traction elevator or hydraulic elevator

  • Traction MRL elevator

    Instead of having a fixed machine room at the top of the shaft, the traction machine is mounted on the top sidewall of the shaft or at the bottom of the shaft. This design eliminates the need for a fixed machine room, thereby saving a significant amount of building space. Almost all traction MRL elevators are gearless traction.

  • Hydraulic MRL Elevators

    Machine room-less hydraulic elevators do not have a fixed room to house the hydraulic machinery. The machinery, including the pump, is mounted on the elevator pit. The controller is located on a wall near the elevator, usually on the ground floor. The benefits of a machine-room-less hydraulic elevator are construction time, space and cost savings.


Is MRL elevator safe?

There is no doubt that the safety of the MRL elevator must be proven today as it becomes more and more popular. Although MRL elevators are a new category, MRL elevators have been studied for years and as they have become more popular, many buildings have installed them. However, as installation rates have risen, accident rates have declined or remained the same.

This means that even though there are more MRL elevators in buildings today, the failure rate for such elevators is not higher. MRL elevators are just as safe as conventional elevators.


What is the right scenario for an MRL elevator?

MRL elevators use a gearless traction machine located in the shaft. The use of counterweights helps the machine turn the elevator pulley, which moves the cab through the shaft. Most commonly found in hotels, apartments, mixed-use buildings and commercial offices


Advantages of the MRL Elevator

  • Less space usage

    Since the MRL elevator does not require a separate room for the motor, it takes up much less space than a traditional elevator.

  • More Energy Efficient

    MRL elevators use 70 to 80 percent less energy than standard hydraulic elevators. That's a huge energy cost savings.

  • Virtually no fire risk

    MRL elevators do not use oil, which reduces costs and fire hazards.

  • Designed for small and medium-sized buildings

    Space savings can be a huge benefit in small to medium-sized buildings, and MRL elevators are designed with the space constraints of smaller buildings in mind.

  • Less susceptible to flooding

    Because the motor and controls can be mounted on top of the shaft, the MRL is an excellent choice for flood-prone areas. The height of the shaft will keep the machine out of water and harm's way.

  • Reduced installation costs

    Without the additional cost of a separate room or buried hydraulic cylinder, many MRL elevators can also save on installation costs.


Disadvantages of the MRL elevator

  • Short life span

    MRL elevators have a low life expectancy compared to other types of elevators.

  • Maintenance Costs

    Due to the nature of MRL elevators, they can be relatively more difficult to maintain. If pit flooding occurs, the motor driving the MRL elevator at the bottom can be damaged.

    As with any elevator maintenance, proper training can mitigate some of the hazards of MRL maintenance.

  • Building Codes

    Some regions have been slow to take code measures for elevators.


Advantages of buying an MRL elevator from China

There are a number of very unique advantages to buying an MRL elevator from a Chinese MRL elevator manufacturer, which we have listed below.

  1. Abundant and top-notch workforce

  2. Young and growing population

  3. Always competitive pricing

  4. Good infrastructure and geography

  5. Stable social environment


Where to find the best China manufacturer and custom MRL elevator manufacturer

  1. China or Global MRL elevator Industry Exhibition

  2. China online B2B platform

  3. China MRL elevator sourcing companies, agents or buying offices

  4. Collage, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  5. Search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

How to choose MRL Elevator manufacturer

  • MRL Elevator Size and Carrying Capacity

    Many elevators come in standard sizes of three feet by four feet, but larger sizes are available. It is important to consider the possibility of the elevator carrying special equipment (such as a wheelchair), although this will require more load-bearing capacity.

  • Consider potential safety risks

    Adequate safety measures need to be taken to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Important safety options that should not be overlooked include the installation of alarm systems, drive room telephones, power failure backups and slack chain braking systems.

  • MRL Elevator Drive Systems

    The most popular drive system for home elevators is the roller, breaking the list of hydraulics and gears. Modern winding roller elevators require a very small room, and if there is any balanced chain drive, the elevator may not need the room.

  • MRL Elevator Price

    It is also important to consider price. Elevators range from luxury to more economical prices. It is important to analyze the overall cost of the elevator from purchase to installation and maintenance.

  • Warranty Options

    It is important to purchase an elevator from a manufacturer that offers a good warranty.


List of MRL Elevator Manufacturers

  • Otis
  • Kone
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • Schindler Group
  • Fujitec
  • Hitachi
  • Kleemann
  • Mitsubishi Electric
  • Hyundai Elevator
  • Hosting Elevator


Choose the best MRL elevator manufacturer in China

Hosting Elevator is the first echelon elevator company in China. Founded in 1993, it is one of the top ten elevator brands in China, providing high level MRL elevator manufacturer. with a large production base, it can accept custom production and provide modern elevator services. No doubt, as an excellent elevator company in China, Hosting can provide the perfect solution.

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