What Are the Safety Devices for Passenger Elevators?


Residents living in high-rise buildings need to use passenger elevators every day, so the safety of elevators is very important. So what are the safety protection devices of the elevator? This article will answer your questions.

1. Brake. The brake that controls the partial start and stops of the elevator traction machine can make the elevator car stopped running up in time.

2. Limit switch. A device that restricts the car from driving to the highest position or the lowest position and cannot continue to run.

3. Buffer. In order to reduce the energy of the lift car top or bottom sinking, a buffer that absorbs the energy of the movement mechanism and reduces the impact should be installed. At the same time, a rubber or sponge is installed where the buffer and the car touch to reduce the impact energy.

4. Safety gear. In order to prevent the sudden drop of the car due to the breaking of the lifting wire rope and the slipping of the rope groove, a safety gear that can cut off the control power supply and stop the car from falling should be installed on the car.

5. Speed limiter. In order to prevent the driving speed from exceeding the normal speed, all elevators with three floors and above (including three floors) should be equipped with a speed controller (the second floor (including two floors) may not be installed). This kind of mechanism is generally compatible with The safety gear is integrated.

6. Door interlocking. In order to prevent accidents caused by someone moving in and out of the vertical door and passenger compartment door or extending their head, hands and feet, door interlocks should be installed on the vertical door and passenger compartment door (more than two doors).

7. Safety grounding device. In order to prevent electric shock accidents from energizing the metal structure of the elevator due to damage to the electrical equipment, a safety grounding device should be installed on the metal shell of the electrical equipment and the metal structure of the elevator. The grounding wire should be multi-stranded wire, and the neutral wire should not be used casually. Used as a safety grounding wire, and its grounding resistance is not more than 4 ohms.

Conclusion: Everything except the necessary operating system of the elevator is to protect people's safety.

1. Emergency stop switch, safety gear switch, buffer period switch, door lock switch and other safety switches are connected in series to form a safety circuit. When the elevator triggers these switches, the elevator will be protected by electrical appliances. It just can't move.

2. Safety gear-Overspeed governor system, buffer period, rope clamp, permanent magnet synchronous motor, winding loop, these things constitute the physical stopping system of the elevator.

3. Limit switch, speed change switch, loop detection switch, main loop signal detection system, loop signal detection system, and safety loop signal detection system constitute independent electrical safety protection.

Fourth, rope end secondary protection, compensation chain secondary protection, car fixing devices, more steel wire ropes, car door mechanical locks, pit guardrails and other things provide additional protection.



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