Passenger Elevator

Passenger Elevator

Passenger elevator solutions

We are elevator manufacturers and suppliers from China. We can provide a variety of passenger elevator solutions to solve problems under various conditions. System selection and equipment size, shape and decoration depend on your personal requirements and can be customized for you.

Why choose us

Diverse solutions, we will provide customers with diversified and personalized solutions according to customer needs, project conditions, and different countries.

Owning core techonolog, indepence research motor &door system and supply to Schindler, Fujitec, Hyundai, Thyssenkrupp as well as other world famouse brand and China local elevator brand.

In some countries and regions, we have our professional installation and maintenance team, who can go to the scene to solve problems when the customer project needs it.

Passenger elevator system

Traction elevator is mainly composed of traction system, guidance system, door system, automobile, weight balance system, electric drive system, electric control system and protection system.

Traction Elevator Features

High safety There are cars that bring passengers a sense of security, and multiple safety measures of various safety components fully protect the safety of passengers.

Quiet and stable The traction drive is relatively quiet. There is no reduction box for the permanent magnet synchronous host, and there is no mechanical sound of gear friction. As long as it is installed and debugged, it runs very smoothly.

Long service life Because the counterweight is used to balance the car, the moving pulley structure makes the elevator service life more than double that of other platforms.

Engineering Features

Medium and high-rise buildings (strokes over 50 feet)

Medium to high speed (up to 2000 feet / minute)

Ideal for buildings where reliability and rapid movement of people are critical

Traction elevator type

Gearless elevator: The wheels of the gearless traction elevator are directly mounted on the motor. Gearless traction elevatorsReminder: Please inform the parameters and purpose of the elevator you need. We can provide you with a detailed quotecan reach speeds of up to 2,000 feet per minute and have a maximum travel distance of about 2,000 feet, making them the only choice for high-rise applications.

Geared: The gearbox of a gear traction elevator is mounted on a motor that drives the wheels to move the rope. Geared traction elevators can travel at speeds of up to 500 feet per minute. Geared traction elevators have a maximum travel distance of approximately 250 feet.

Advantages of our tractor

High efficiency: The compact design of the gearless drive method replaces the reducer and coupling in the traditional traction machine drive method, thereby greatly improving the transmission efficiency and the operating efficiency.

High environmental protection: no need to change grease, no grease pollution, low noise, quiet and natural.

High energy-saving: rare earth permanent magnet material, the full integration of coaxial transmission technology, digital frequency conversion technology and group computer combination control technology, small operating cost, low energy dissipation, can save 40% of energy

Suitable for: office buildings, buildings,shopping malls,business centers ,other places

Here is one of our most popular elevator series in the world

Reminder: Please inform the parameters and purpose of the elevator you need. We can provide you with a detailed quote


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