Machine Roomless Bed Elevator
Machine Roomless Bed Elevator

Comfortable Riding Space with Power Failure Emergency Device Machine Roomless Bed lift

Machine Roomless Bed Elevator Supplier, Machine Roomless Bed Elevator Manufacturer, China Machine Roomless Bed Elevator
Comfortable Riding Space with Power Failure Emergency Device Machine Roomless Bed lift
Comfortable Riding Space with Power Failure Emergency Device Machine Roomless Bed lift



From the perspective of transporting patients, HOSTING series bed elevators apply environment-friendly permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction system and mature frequency conversion control technology to enable the starting & braking of elevators to be stable and smooth. In terms of design, HOSTING bed elevators can meet various special using demands in hospital to the greatest extent, and thus create sweet and comfortable riding space for both doctors and patients.
Comfortable Riding Space with Power Failure Emergency Device Machine Roomless Bed lift, The gearless traction microcomputer control elevator without machine room, armed with microcomputer control system and gearless traction machine. It is a kind of very popular hospital lift in current market.
Stability And Safety
Through the application of gearless traction machine and advanced mature WVF driving technology, bed elevators can always keep safe and smooth operation under any working conditions. Furthermore, precise leveling can facilitate safe rides for patients and disabled persons.
Electromagnetic Compatibility
By fully complying with electromagnetic compatibility standards, the control system can effectively avoid electromagnetic interferences between various precision equipment and elevator signals, eliminate electromagnetic pollution, and meet the needs of modern medical system.
Light Curtain Protection
Through the application of responsive, reliable, and highly sensitive concentrated light curtain, infrared barrier is formed at the entrance of elevator, making sensitive actions to persons or objects entering into its detection range, and ensuring high safety performance. As a result users can freely get in or out from the elevator without
worries about collisions from conventional door safety edge, and unnecessary harms can be avoided.
Voice Announcement(optional)
When the elevator runs normally and reaches a certain floor, the voice device will notify the passengers the arriving floor. Prior to the close of elevator, the voice device will forecast the ongoing direction.
Power Failure Emergency Device(optional)
It is specifically designed to deal with the case that the elevator stops at non-gate area due to sudden power allure or other reasons. In this case. the elevator utilizes rechargeable batteries to provide power, and run to the nearest floor station where the gate of elevator will automatically open to evacuate passengers
Standard Configurations For Bed Elevator
Ceiling: NPD-1435
Car Walls: Stainless Steel Car Wall Handrails at both sides                  
Car Door: Hairline Stainless Steel
Floor: PvC Floor
Type Of Operation Panel: Cop-010103
Display: Dot Matrix Display  (standard configuration is red light)         
Button: PB2006
Faceplate Material: Hairline Stainless Stee
Type Of Calling Board: Hop-030103( No Button Box
Display: Dot Matrix Display (standard configuration is red light)        
Button: only PB2006
Faceplate Material: Hairline Stainless Steel




Ceiling: NPD-1436
Car Walls: Stainless Steel Car Wall Handrails at both sides              
Car Door: Hairline Stainless Steel
Floor: Pvc Floor

Type Of Operation Panel: COP-020203
Display: Dot Matrix Display (standard configuration is red light)            
Button: PB2001 Hairline Stainless Steel
Type Of Calling Board: HOP-020203
Display: Dot Matrix Display (standard configuration is red light)      
Button: PB2001
Faceplate Material: Hairline Stainless Stee

LCD Solution For The Full Series — Operation Panel In The Car


LCD Solution For The Series — Calling Board


Other Decoration Options In The Car

It is a kind of motor-powered vertical lift with a box- shaped pod.

Passengers can appreciate all scenery inside with at least a transparent cabin. So it is popular in occasions for architectural displays.

v Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving & Noiseless

v Perfect Technology

v Stability & Safety & Comfortable in Elevators

v Spacious Cabinet Design

v Humane & Ergonomic & Intimate Designs

v High Transmission Efficiency



Hotels, Shopping Malls & Commercial Buildings


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Comfortable Riding Space with Power Failure Emergency Device Machine Roomless Bed lift can afford running frequency more than 100times per minute. As it supports VVVF function, it can save 15% to 20% electricity during its life time compared with other passenger lift manufacturers’ products. High grade level processed warm gearbox can working for more than 10years. Gearless machine can afford 10% overload. Sensitive safety system provide safety guarantee for multi-emergency conditions and reduce lifts risk assessment effectively.
Permanent magnet gearless traction machine, characterized by light weight, compact structure, and small size, reduces the space required by elevator, facilitates the lift shaft arrangement of machine roomless elevator.

Geared traction bed elevator specification:









According to the different characteristics of buildings and the requirements, various machine models are available for selection without machine room. This series can be widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical institutions.


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